San Luigi Gonzaga's Infiorata, Palio dei Terzieri with its 11 days fest and many more events to see and live. Find out what to see and do during your holidays at San Carlo B&B.


Eventi a Città della Pieve - InfiorataIn homage to their patron Saint Luigi Gonzaga, the inhabitants of the district of the Terziere Casalino, each year prepare original flower decorations along the streets, known as the “Infiorata”.

This event is one of the most important the town offers its visitors and traditionally marks the beginning of the summer events in Città della Pieve. The Infiorata also means music and entertainment. In fact, on the Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon visitors are accompanied along the streets by musical notes.

During the magical nights of the summer solstice, art, spirituality, history and ancient popular traditions blend as the inhabitants of the Terziere prepare the incomparable spectacle of the Infiorata for the following morning.

Palio dei Terzieri

Eventi a Città dela Pieve - Palio dei Terzieri


It is a recalling which is inspired by the ancient "contrasti" (fights, quarrels), very frequent incidents in medieval and Renaissance town life. Each of the three parts in which the town is divided (Borgo Dentro, Casalino and Castello), compete in a captivating competition of archery where they used targets in the form of a bull.

The argument is surrounded by a series of music and theatre performances, all inspirited by the atmosphere of the Renaissance, the time when Pietro Perugino lived and worked. In the historical procession, which precedes the proper Palio more than 700 minor figures in period, costumes are involved.

With the Palio dei Terzieri and La Caccia del Toro go hand in hand the decoration of the inns Taverne dei Terzieri, characteristic places where local dishes of the Umbrian and Tuscan cookery are served. The event takes place at Città della Pieve from 9 to 19 August.

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